Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did You Ever Wonder How We Rate Against Other Cities?

Well, I did, starting right after I became Chief of Police. Consequently, we started the Benchmark Cities Survey, a series of inquiries which compares Overland Park to almost 30 other cities in a large variety of topics covering everything from specific crimes per 1,000 population to how many women officers we have in our departments. Each year the Chiefs of these Benchmark Cities gather to discuss the results of the survey and to exchange information on how we can make each of us better.

The cities we compare ourselves to are all the best of their class and include cities such as, Naperville, Illinois; Bellevue, Washington; Richardson, Texas; Boca Raton, Florida. All of these cities have many things in common. First we are all edge cities, meaning major suburbs within major metropolitan areas. Second, each city has substantial resources and are for the most part AAA bonded. Finally, each city is considered innovative and creative. You often see these cities on the “Best of” lists. Each year academics and city governments from all over the country wait for this information to come out. If you are interested in seeing how Overland Park rates among these best of class cities, please click on the attached link. Benchmark Cities Survey