Thursday, June 3, 2010

Officer in third week of field training contributes to saving woman’s life.

On June 2, 2010, Officer Phillip Windholz responded with his training officer to a medical call in the 12300 block of Farley. The 31 year old female resident was having trouble catching her breath and was about to be transported by medical personnel to the hospital.

What should have been a “routine” medical call, where police merely assist medical personnel in getting the patient into the ambulance, turned quickly to a life saving situation. As the female lay down on the gurney, she stopped breathing. Only one of the medical personnel and Officer Windholz were present in the home at the time, and he and officer Windholz immediately began CPR. Officer Windholz then took over CPR by himself while the medical personnel gathered other life saving equipment. After a couple of minutes of CPR by Officer Windholz, the female coughed and began breathing again.

Field Training Officer Wes Griffith advised that Officer Windholz acted, “without hesitation in trying to save the woman’s life”, and credits Officer Windholz’s fast action with the woman being able to breath on her own again.