Friday, June 25, 2010

Police Volunteers Receive Recognition and Awards

The Police Department’s Annual Volunteer Dinner was held at the Overland Park Sheraton Hotel. Mayor Carl Gerlach and Public Safety Chairman George Kandt presided over this event with many members of the Overland Park City Council present to show their appreciation to our volunteers. Each volunteer was recognized for the contributions they provided throughout the department. Four of the volunteers were selected to receive special awards.

Dan Acuff was named the “Chaplain Mychal Judge Volunteer of the Year” for his outstanding contributions in the Investigation Division.

Marie Lear received the “Georgia Erickson Community Service Volunteer Award” for her commitment as a member of the Civil Service Commission.

Ira Rakley received a plaque for his many years of service as a member of the Police Reserve Unit and as a civilian volunteer

Don Frankland retired for the Police Reserve Unit and was recognized for his loyalty and commitment to the citizens of Overland Park.

The Police Volunteer Program provides an opportunity for civilians to become involved in many aspects of our department. They work as Crime Analysis Assistants, Motorists Assist providers out on our streets and highways, and in the Personnel Unit to name just three volunteer positions. These dedicated individuals are a wonderful resource and contribute so much to our ability to serve our officers and the citizens of Overland Park.