Thursday, June 24, 2010

Red Light Violations Are Dangerous

And here is why . . .
Yesterday morning a collision occurred at the intersection of 123rd Street and Blue Valley Parkway. This was a right angle accident, often referred to as a “T-bone” collision. A Toyota Corolla sedan occupied by two women was eastbound on 123rd Street when it was struck by a Dodge ¾ ton pickup traveling north on Metcalf. The passenger and the driver in the Toyota were taken to an area hospital. The 18 year old passenger suffered critical injuries and the 70 year old driver sustained serious injuries. The driver of the pickup was not injured. Officers from the Traffic Safety Unit investigated the accident.

It is really hard to understand the violence and ferocity of this kind of accident. In fact, the side collision accident is second only to the head-on collision in terms of energy expended and seriousness of the results. In order to get a better idea of how horrific these accidents can be, please view the attached video. Once you do, it is my hope that you never consider pushing it on a red light.