Friday, July 23, 2010

Bicycle Riders Required to Follow All Traffic Laws

Recently our police department has received inquiries from bicyclists regarding traffic laws and how they apply to them.

The answer is simple; bike riders must obey all traffic laws just as if they were driving a car. For a complete review of the ordinances as they pertain to bicyclists go to click on the City Government Link. Then on the left side of that page look under Legal Publications and click on Codes and Ordinances. Then in the Search box put in 12.04.128 through 12.04.133.

It is most important for drivers and bike riders to share the roadway, be alert, patient and courteous. Considering the volume of car and bike traffic in Overland Park we are fortunate to have few bicycle accidents. This, I believe, is due to conscious car drivers and bike riders who watch for each other and their willingness to accommodate one another.