Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Work by School Resource Officer Stops Vandalism Spree

On June 26th, Overland Park police officers responded to reports of numerous vandalisms to autos, auto burglaries, and one residential (aggravated) burglary in the neighborhood surrounding 131st Street and Larsen. All told, there were 15 vandalisms and 13 auto burglaries, besides the residential burglary, reported. As the investigation unfolded, it was determined a credit card stolen in one of the auto burglaries was used at several local businesses that morning. One store had video surveillance footage of the suspect and his vehicle that was immediately available. This was released to the media and the neighborhood assocation posted fliers with the information. A few weeks later, a higher quality video was received from one of the businesses and was also released to the media. Overland Park Police School Resource Officer Sam Provost reviewed the video and recognized the suspect as a student at the school to which he is assigned. Detectives contacted the student, a juvenile, and his parents. Statements were made by the student which confirmed his involvement in the crimes. The case is being referred to the Johnson County District Attorney's Office for the determination and filing of charges.