Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Praise to Overland Park Detective for their Extensive Five Year Fraud Investigation

Detective Byron Pierce
Detective Dennis Reaser
Detective Craig Enloe
Detective Lance Jordan

I want to express my appreciation to each of you for your involvement in the Delta Investigation case. I realize this investigation began in 2005 at Oak Park Mall during Operation Fraud. From that point the investigation ebbed back and forth creating many obstacles for you to overcome. Through your tenacity, determination, and dedication to duty you persevered and carried this case through various local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Ultimately, you presented your investigation to the US Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Missouri and thirty eight (38) individuals from across the United States have been charged in a series of indictment that allege an extensive network of black market travel agent who used the stolen identities of thousands of victims as part of a multi- million dollar fraud scheme to purchase airline tickets for their customers. These criminal conspirators scam resulted in an estimated loss of more than 20 million dollars to numerous domestic airline companies, financial institutions, and other merchants and cardholders.

The three-page Press Release from US Attorney Beth Phillips released on Friday July 9, 2001 illustrated the complexity of your five-year investigation. The federal indictments which resulted from your pursuit of the many criminals involved in this case coupled with your investigative competence halted a world- wide crime spree that most likely would have gone on undetected for years to come.

Again, I compliment you for your dedication and for all the tedious work that brought this investigation to a successful end. Now the remaining elements of the Criminal Justice System will have the opportunity to follow your lead. I hope those individuals will do you justice and complete their responsibilities in the manner you have established.

John M. Douglass
Chief of Police