Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Work Trucks Burglarized: $13,000 in Equipment Stolen

Work Truck Burglary! It’s a crime with substantial losses and frustration for the victims. Since the first of this year we have had 57 work vehicles burglarized. The crimes occurred when the vehicles were broken into while parked in residential driveways and on city streets. The target items have been various types of tools and construction equipment.

The latest crime occurred overnight between July 5 and July 6. The victim in this incident was an employee of an electrical contractor. The loss from this auto burglary was over $13,000.00. Of course this does not consider the lost work time to the employee and his company. The stolen items included a portable generator, hammer drill and bits, multiple hand tools, band saw and other construction equipment. Entry to the van was made by prying open the van’s rear doors.

Work vehicles should have extra locking and security devices installed that deter or detect illegal entry. Also parking the vehicle close to the residence might deter some thieves.