Friday, August 20, 2010

Bail Money, Winning Lottery and/or Car Scams

On Thursday August 19 a police report was made by a man who said he received a call from a “police officer” at the Hawkesbury, Canada Police Department stating his grandson had been arrested and needed bond money. The caller said to send $4,500.00 by Western Union to Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately the man sent the money. This same scam has been perpetrated in our area over the past two years. Some residents have fallen for it and others have not. Anyone who receives such a call should not send any money and, if possible, obtain as much information from the caller as possible but not reveal any personal information. Then report the incident to us.

Also on August 19 a resident came to one of our police stations and reported she received a telephone call stating she won the Global International Lottery for one million dollars. The caller said they were sending over security to her home to escort her to the bank to collect the fee and deliver her check. The resident immediately realized this was a scam and did not participate.

There are variations to this scam that tell the resident they have won money or a car but need to pay a fee to receive their winnings.