Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Construction Zone Worker Reports an Assault by Driver

A construction zone “flagger” reported she was purposely struck by a car while she was working at College Blvd and Switzer. The incident happened about 1:45 p.m., August 2nd. The “flagger” told the officers she stopped westbound traffic when she realized a truck had just gone behind her from northbound Switzer. Traffic was not allowed to perform this maneuver and there was another vehicle behind the truck attempting to follow it. The construction worker attempted to explain to the car’s driver he was in a construction area and would need to go eastbound. As she was explaining the information to the driver he accelerated and the bumper of his car struck her. The driver kept driving forward and this caused the “flagger” to be knocked backwards. The driver accelerated again which forced the “flagger” to backpedal to avoid being struck again. She did sustain some soreness and red marks on her legs. A co-worker witnessed the event provided additional details.

The car's driver and his two passengers have been located and the investigation continues.

Currently there are many ongoing major street construction projects in Overland Park that require drivers to alter their routes in and around the City. These projects certainly cause some frustration but drivers are encouraged and asked to be patient, considerate and cooperative especially regarding the construction workers. They work in difficult and at times dangerous conditions.