Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crime Analyst Mary Dixon Links Stolen Goods to Internet Sites

Follow up to the July 9, 2010 blog regarding the arrest of two juvenile’s and the recovery 20 sets of golf clubs, a paddle boat, lawn care equipment, and other items.
Formal recognize is to come for two members of the Crime Analysis Unit whose efforts facilitated this investigation. The Crime Analysis Unit fuses together information they obtain from reading crime reports. This is done daily in an effort to identify crime patterns and suspects.
Senior Crime Analyst Mary Dixon read several reports linked to a series of open garage door burglaries. Mrs. Dixon and Police Intern Samuel Williams began conducting routine checks of various online sites people use to sell items. Together they located several items that matched property listed as stolen in several burglary reports. They coordinated their efforts with Police Detectives who were able to confirm the items were stolen. Detectives used the leads generated by the Crime Analysis Unit to clear 12 open-door burglaries of Overland Park residences.
Investigations like these do not occur without the efforts of a cast of police employees who work behind the scenes. This is a great example of the high level of service provided by support members of the Overland Park Police Department.