Monday, August 23, 2010

K-2 and Similiar Products Are Illegal

In March of this year, it became illegal to possess or sell compounds JWH-018 and JWH-073 in the state of Kansas. These compounds were found in what was marketed as K-2 in several shops in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas. After K-2 was considered illegal, several other products were marketed under different names which contained the same compounds. Overland Park detectives began an investigation into some of these products, which were being sold in area gas stations. Samples were obtained and sent to the Johnson County Lab for testing. The owners of the businesses have been informed of the violation, as it is believed that the items contain the illegal compounds.

These materials are being marketed as incense and are being sold over the internet to businesses and persons. Some of the names marketed in our area have been “Texas Kush”, “Blueberry Twister”, “Citrus Twister” and “K-3”.

These compounds are now Schedule 1 drugs in the State of Kansas. To sell material with these compounds is a felony in the State of Kansas. To possess these compounds is a class A misdemeanor. Overland Park detectives have made arrests and obtained search warrants as a result of persons possessing these compounds.