Thursday, August 26, 2010

Officer Helps to Recover Severed Finger

Officer Tirsa Otero was working her evening patrol shift when she was dispatched to an emergency medical call in the 10400 block of Westgate regarding a man who was lawn mowing and injured his hand. When Officer Otero arrived, she learned the lawn mower had actually run over the man's left hand. A nurse who happened to be jogging by stopped to help. It was determined the 20 year old man had severed his left hand’s ring finger and was bleeding severely. Officer Otero, the nurse and Johnson County Med-Act paramedics attended to the victim. Med Act personnel asked Officer Otero to try and find the severed finger while they transported the young man to the hospital. Officer Otero along with assistance from the nurse, the victim’s brother, a Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy and residents located the finger under a piece of wood near a deck. Officer Otero packaged the finger in ice then drove to the hospital where surgeons were waiting to began the proceedure in an attempt to re-attach the finger. The quick recovery and delivery of the appendage to the surgeons certainly enhanced the probability of a successful medical procedure. We all hope the young man will make a complete recovery.