Thursday, August 19, 2010

Officers on Bicycles Again

Starting today, Officers from the Police Department’s Community Policing Unit will begin bicycle patrolling through neighborhoods. This initiative is part of the police department’s effort to maintain and strengthen community interaction and allow officers to be more visible and approachable. During the next two days officers will be in the neighborhood bounded by Antioch on the east, to Grant on the west, 79th Street on the north to 85th Street on the south.

This is an area which has seen increased calls for service from the police department and one of the neighborhoods identified in “changing trends” power point presentation from several weeks ago. This area has experienced an increase in absentee property owners, a potential for more street crimes and gang activity. The police officers on bikes increase the ability for “feet on the ground” involvement in the neighborhood and allow them to have a better contact with the area’s residents.

The Officers will work from mid morning into the evening hours and respond to any call for service. The late afternoons are a critical time of day as students are coming home from school and, once home, have free time. We know, as any parent knows, this free time has the potential for problems for some young people who do not have adult supervision for several hours after school.

We believe the Officers on bikes will be an asset to the overall well being of this or any neighborhood.