Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remove Career Criminals from Our Neighborhoods

The Pareto Principle states that “…a small number of causes are responsible for a large percentage of the effect…” Also known as the “80:20 Rule,” this can be applied to crime as well as economics. It is commonly accepted that a significant amount of criminal activity is committed by a relatively small percentage of the population. And, of those who have committed crimes, a significant number are committed by a small number of criminals.

With this in mind, the Overland Park Police Department recently started a Career Criminal initiative. Two detectives, within the Crimes Against Persons Unit, have been dedicated to identifying and removing career criminals who live or operate in Overland Park.

A career Criminal is someone who sustains him or herself or satisfies an addiction through a criminal lifestyle. He or she commits multiple offenses, generally for the same type of crime, most likely will be or have been on parole or probation and is currently criminally active.

Career Criminal detectives will use traditional and hi-tech investigative techniques to identify, verify and locate persons fitting the definition of a career criminal. They will work with other officers, agencies, and prosecutors to arrest, successfully prosecute, and obtain enhanced penalties for these individuals.

Through these efforts, our aim is to provide a safer atmosphere for the citizens and businesses in Overland Park.