Friday, September 10, 2010

Combating Prostitution in Overland Park

Overland Park has never experienced overt, street-level prostitution. However, we have and continue to see prostitution within hotels and to a lesser extent, apartment communities.

Currently, the most prevalent types of prostitution in Overland Park are “call girls” who either rent a room and customers come to them, or travel to different locations to meet customers. We also see “escort services” where prostitutes pose as legitimate “dates for hire” as well as prostitution operations posing as massage businesses working out of store fronts or apartments.

In order to combat these forms of prostitution, the Overland Park Police Vice Unit, in conjunction with other Police Department assets, will work closely with hotel, motel and apartment operators. We will educate employees to recognize likely vice activity and encourage them to share the information with us.

We will also conduct regular “sting” operations where police officers will pose as prostitutes and customers in order to identify, arrest, and prosecute prostitutes, promoters, and customers.

Through these and other efforts, we expect to send the message that prostitution is not welcome in Overland Park.