Thursday, September 30, 2010

Officer Succeeds in Persuading Distraught Suicidal Man to Seek Treatment

On Wednesday evening September 28, 2010 officers were called to a residence in regard to a man who was possibly suicidal. The initial call for service came from the man’s estranged wife who told officers she and her husband were going through a divorce and during a telephone conversation with him; he indicated he might harm himself. When the initial officer arrived at the man’s home he could see the man inside the house sitting at his desk with a handgun nearby. This officer was able to contact the man by telephone, established a “common bond”, and began a successful dialogue with him. The officer persuaded him to come to the front door of the house and talk face to face. Eventually the distraught man was convinced he should receive counseling and the officer assisted in obtaining professional assistance for the man.

This is another example of a situation any officers may encounter and must solve utilizing his/her acquired skills, training and experience. Thanks to this officer’s abilities and efforts a potentially life threatening situation came to a successful conclusion and no one was harmed.