Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Organized Retail Crime Coalition

The Overland Park Police Department has taken steps to partner with Metro retailers in order to further reduce their theft and fraud related shortage.

Since January 2010, the Overland Park Police Financial Crimes Unit has hosted and facilitated the Kansas City Organized Retail Crime Coalition meetings. The meetings represent a solid partnership between Metro retail security investigators, municipal police departments and federal law enforcement.

Through facilitation of monthly meetings and email bulletins, our goal is to equip both law enforcement and retail investigators with the maximum amount of Organized Retail Crime Intelligence possible. Average attendance at the meetings is approximately 80 members, while the bulletins go out to around 300 metro wide members.

Our meetings are split between two sections. The first section takes the form of training. A typical training block utilizes a guest speaker with relevant experience to further equip members with the tools to impact their bottom line. A recent example of a guest speaker was the Midwest Protective Security Advisor for Infrastructure from the Department of Homeland Security.

The second section utilizes theft and fraud intelligence trends gathered by the retail investigators. These involve current intelligence of career criminal activity and attempts to indentify unknown offenders.

We've been receiving inquiries from other Metropolitan areas in the country regarding our Organized Retail Crime model and hope to begin seeing success stories to follow.