Thursday, September 16, 2010

School Resource Officer James Ho's Act of Kindness and Concern

Success can’t always be measured by statistics. School Resource Officer James Ho works at two middle schools in the Blue Valley School District. An administrator took the time to write the police department thanking him for being, “an invaluable member of our school community, who has made a difference in the lives of our students.” The compliment was prompted by an act of kindness Officer Ho displayed toward an emotionally disturbed student. This student attended one of the schools Officer Ho worked at last year, but this year she transferred to the other school he works in. Unfortunately, due to this student’s condition, she can be physically aggressive and was on occasion last year, which prompted Officer Ho to intervene. This year at her new school, she recognized Officer Ho as a familiar face and was happy to see him.

Complicating this child’s issues was the sudden, unexpected death of her father over the summer. A few weeks ago, she came to school with a broken soccer trophy she had received that her father had planned to repair for her. Officer Ho asked her if he could try to repair it for her, and she allowed him to try. The following day, Officer Ho returned and presented the repaired trophy to the student, who according to the administrator, “lit up with happiness.” Concern, trust, and the building of relationships as demonstrated by Officer James Ho, are some of the intangible benefits of the School Resource Officer Program in Overland Park.