Monday, September 27, 2010

Volunteer Mounted Search and Rescue

Overland Park Prepares to “Saddle Up”

The Overland Park Police Department is pleased to announce the formation of a volunteer Mounted Search and Rescue unit. The mission of the Overland Park Mounted Search and Rescue (OPMSAR) unit is to assist the Overland Park Police Department and other city agencies in various activities such as search/rescue and response to large animal emergencies. This unit is unique, as the members belonging to the OPMSAR are civilians volunteering their time for training with full-time police personnel to provide a professional response. Every OPMSAR member will provide their own horse that is capable of doing a wide variety of tasks. For volunteering their time, members will receive specialized training and equipment.

The task at hand for the OPMSAR is to pass both a written examination and a practical horsemanship test consisting of basic horsemanship skills and sensory testing. The volunteer mounted unit provides opportunities for the Police Department and citizens to work in partnership with the community to provide equestrian services in a responsible manner. For more information on OPMSAR or questions concerning the formation of the OPMSAR, please contact Chief Animal Control Officer Eric Thompson at 913-895-6279 or email