Thursday, October 28, 2010

Overland Park Animal Control Supervisor Assists Douglas County Sheriff with "wild" Horse Capture

The Douglass County Kansas Sheriff’s Office in Lawrence, Kansas contacted Overland Park Animal Control Supervisor Eric Thompson regarding a “wild” horse rescue and capture. Apparently this horse has been on its own in western Douglas County for 26 years. It had never been handled or treated for hoof or teeth problems. It was obvious the horse was suffering.

Recently it was wondering near 40 highway and therefore a potential for a horse vs. car accident. A local horse rescue group had been attempting to capture the animal for several months without success. On Tuesday October 26, Eric Thompson and personnel from Douglas County Sheriff’s Office along with members of the local Humane Society located the horse. It was eventually sedated via dart gun. An examination and evaluation was completed by a veterinarian. Due to significant health, injury, and stress factors the horse was euthanized to end the animals suffering.

Animal Control Supervisor Thompson is skilled in large animal capture and rescue. He conducts training for various animal welfare organizations and law enforcement agencies.