Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reducing Accidents at I-435 and Metcalf

So far this year, there have been 85 motor vehicle accidents at I-435 Highway and Metcalf. That's more accidents than anywhere else in Overland Park. Looking back over the past several years, this interchange has consistently finished as the city's number one or number two High Accident Location. The primary reason for the high number of accidents is the result of high traffic volume. I-435 Highway and Metcalf is the busiest interchange in the city. Traffic volume appears to be increasing on both Metcalf and I-435 Highway most likely the result of current economic conditions (more vacations by car than flying) and road construction in other areas of the city.

The city's Traffic Engineer's Office reviews all motor vehicles accident reports and captures the "contributing factors." Contributing factors are determined by the investigating officer. Here are the leading contributing factors for the 85 crashes so far this year:

Inattention 24 accidents
Too fast for conditions 14 accidents
Followed too close 7 accidents
Under the Influence 7 accidents
Red light running 6 accidents
Failed to Yield 3 accidents
Improper Lane Change 3 accidents
Improper Turn 3 accidents

You can reduce the likelihood of becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident by slowing down and giving your full attention, especially in bumper to bumper traffic, to the road. Yes, that means not using your cell phone and sending or reading a text message. No phone call or text message is worth the risk.