Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bank Teller "Stealing" Scam

On November 10, 2010 a husband and wife came to the Overland Park Police Station located at 8500 Antioch to report they were almost victimized by a “bank scam.”

The couple told the police officer that earlier in the day they received a telephone call from a man representing himself as an official of their bank. The caller told the couple the bank suspected one of its tellers of stealing money and the bank needed this couple to help to catch the thief by withdrawing $25,000.00 in large bills. The caller instructed the couple to obtain the cash, return home and wait for his return call for further instructions.

The couple, thinking this was a legitimate request, went to their branch bank with the intent to get the cash. Personnel at the branch bank referred them to the main bank. At the main bank, they contacted a bank official who told them this was certainly a scam.

Thankfully, the bank was able to stop the couple from being victimized. This type of scam has been used for years and relies on individuals willing to help catch “crooked bank employee” not realizing they are the targets of a criminal themselves.