Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday, Holiday Shoppers and Criminal Opportunity

Just a reminder about keeping your valuables, new holiday purchases and vehicles safe and secure during this upcoming holiday shopping season. Many people will be out to take advantage of the holiday sales and services from today on. Reduce the opportunity for criminals to spoil your holiday season by being more safe and secure.

Shop with someone else! You are less likely to be the victim of a personal crime such as purse snatch or robbery. There certainly is safety in numbers.

Remember to lock your car or truck and don’t leave it running to warm up. Make your vehicle less of a crime target.

When you place your purchases in your vehicle put them in the trunk or cover them up.

While using a shopping cart avoid leaving a purse sitting in the cart unattended. If at all possible keep your money, credit cards, check book and cash in a secure pocket.

Most criminals are opportunistic and if you don’t give them the opportunity you won’t be a victim.