Monday, November 29, 2010

Door to Door Solicitor Now in Jail After Home Burglary

On Tuesday November 16, 2010 an Overland Park couple left their home at about 6:30 pm to run errands. As they left they noticed several door to door solicitors on their street. When they returned home several hours later they discovered their home was burglarized and valuables stolen. The stolen items included cash, diamond rings, pearls and other jewelry. Some of the cash taken was unique due to its age. As part of the burglary investigation the responding police officers contacted several solicitors who were in the area and interviewed them. Later that evening an employee of a local grocery store contacted an Overland Park police officer after he received a $100.00 bill that he thought might be counterfeit. The police officer determined the bill was not counterfeit but unique because of its age. This clicked with the police officer as he remembered the older $100.00 bills that were taken in the home burglary. The officer was able to obtain the grocery store’s surveillance photo of the woman who passed the bill. This photo was placed in a “deployment slide” presentation for all our officers to review.

On November 20, 2010, police officers were dispatched to an apartment complex regarding an armed disturbance. As one of the officers arrived at the complex he noticed a van with solicitors in it and believed he recognized one of the females in the van as the person who passed the $100.00 bill at the grocery store. Other officers were called to interview the possible suspect. She was removed from the van and questioned. This woman matched the photo of the suspect from the grocery store and this allowed the officers to take the woman into custody. Detectives interviewed the woman and probable cause existed to arrest her for the residential burglary. The Detectives learned this woman and the other solicitors were from out of town and staying in a motel in Topeka, Kansas. A search warrant was obtained for the motel room. When the warrant was served at the motel additional stolen items were recovered. As a result of this investigation an 18 year old woman from Cincinnati, Ohio was arrested for Burglary.