Monday, November 15, 2010

Meerkat Located in Overland Park

On Friday 11-12-10 at about 5 pm Overland Park Police where dispatched to Petco at 6801 w 75 St. regarding a Meerkat dropped off in front of their store by an unknown subject. Witnesses stated a white male dressed in a hat, hoodie, and jeans walked up to the front of the store and placed a glass aquarium covered with a towel on the ground. Petco employees discovered a Meerkat contained in the aquarium and called the Police. During the investigation, the Meerkat was found to be missing from the Kansas City Zoo since last Thursday. The Meerkat was returned to the Zoo on Saturday, and further investigation is pending. Meerkats make very poor pets. They bite, and a serious bite can become infected. They have a very strong odor, and will scent-mark their owner and the house (their "territory"). Being a pack animal, they may become hysterical if kept as single pets. Since there is a health concern to anyone that may have been bit by the Meerkat, Overland Park Police is asking for your help identifying anyone that may have information on the case. To report any information regarding the Meerkat, please contact Chief Animal Control Officer Eric Thompson at 913-895-6279 or email at