Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OP Police Assist in Production of Safety and Education Series for Kids Pre-K Through Fifth Grade

The Rainbow Valley Police Department series has been completed by Dan Taylor and is ready to roll out to audiences all over the world. More than a year ago, Dan approached the City of Overland Park, and asked for assistance from the Police Department in creating a comprehensive public safety education DVD curriculum that teaches pre-K through fifth grade children critical life safety skills delivered in a fun, non-threatening and memorable way.

Officers spent the last year conducting research and consulting on this worthwhile project, which is well-suited for the safety education professional, D.A.R.E. Officer, counselor, classroom teacher, libraries and other community programs. The series combines colorful, cutting-edge 3D animation with live action video to equip children with basic personal and community safety skills.

Formally named “Rainbow Valley Safety and Crime Prevention,” the DVD series is divided into three segments. In the Police Station Series, students learn all about the inner-workings of the police department, equipment and vehicles used to help protect and serve their community. In the Personal Safety Series, students learn how to create a safety plan providing them with necessary tools to deal with a wide variety of issues including domestic violence, internet dangers, and bike and vehicle safety. In the Community Safety Series, students learn how to make their school, neighborhood and community safer. This series deals with many topics including peer pressure, anti-drug/alcohol and bullying.

More information on this important children’s program can be found at www.rainbowvalleyheroes.com.