Thursday, December 30, 2010

Executive Officer Jim Weaver Retires Today After 41 Years of Faithful Service.

Today marks the last day of a long and fruitful career. Executive Officer Jim Weaver began his service with the Overland Park Police Department on September 04, 1969 and has faithfully served the citizens of Overland Park since that day. While some people tend to coast the last few months, weeks or at least the last few days before retirement, Jim Weaver has worked every day of his career up to today with the same zeal and dedication for his job. His commitment and his enthusiasm for his Department are unquestioned. Jim has been involved in some of the most difficult endeavors the Department has undertaken. He has been there for both the brightest spots and the darkest moments. It is with all sincerity that the Overland Park Police Department commends Executive Officer Jim Weaver for his dedication to the people of Overland Park, and we wish him the best in all the ventures ahead of him in retirement. On January 9, 2011 Executive Officer Jim Weaver will be inducted into the Police Departments Legacy of Excellence. Congratulations to both Jim and Barbara Weaver.