Monday, February 28, 2011

Healthy Relationships

A short time ago a School Resource Officer was contacted by students who expressed their concern regarding a possible relationship between their 8th grade classmate and a high school senior.

The School Resource Officer took these concerns to the school counselor, who notified the 8th grade girl’s parents. Following another short passage of time, the School Resource Officer learned the relationship was still ongoing. The parents of the girl were again contacted and they expressed their appreciation to the School Resource Officer for reporting these concerns.

Following a demonstration of social networking sites, these parents are now better able to monitor their daughter’s activities on the internet. They learned that what they previously observed on the sites was just a portion of their child’s activity.

Both sets of parents were in agreement that this relationship was not a good situation for either child, and they have succeeded in stopping all contact between the two.

Good relationships between students, parents, administrators, and officers contribute to a positive educational experience in our schools.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Southbound Ramps at 95th Street and US 69 Highway Set to Close

On Monday February 28th at 9:00 a.m., (weather permitting), the on and off ramps for 95th St. and southbound US 69 Hwy will close for reconstruction. The work is expected to last through November 2011.

In addition, the eastbound and westbound lanes of 95th St. will be reduced to one lane in each direction from Switzer Rd. to Bluejacket St. to allow for work on the bridge. The bridge work is also expected to last through November 2011.

People traveling this area should expect delays. Motorists are strongly encouraged to use alternate routes. Updated traffic information for these projects can be viewed online at:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

21 Year Old Man Shows His Honesty

On 02/20/11, police were called to the residence of a 21 year old Overland Park man. The man told police that he had just returned home after going through a drive-thru restaurant in the 7100 Block of 119th Street. He told the Officer that after receiving his drive-thru order, he drove home without looking inside the bag. When he arrived home he noticed there was no food inside the bag, instead there was a bank deposit bag containing an unknown amount of cash.

As the Officer and the man were leaving his residence to go back to the restaurant, they were notified by dispatch that a restaurant employee called and advised they mistakenly gave their bank deposit to a customer.

The restaurant employees advised that the deposit was placed into a bag by one employee and accidently picked up by another employee and passed out through the drive-thru window. The money was all accounted for and returned to the restaurant.

Thank you to this 21 year old man for showing us this great example of honesty and doing the right thing.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Man Arrested After Great Police Work Between Police Departments

On 2/22/11 Kansas City Missouri Officers attempted to stop a car that was listed as stolen out of Overland Park. The vehicle failed to yield to Officers on the ground, but was followed by an air unit. The car was followed to the area of 95th and Mission where it entered a parking garage. A perimeter was set up by Overland Park and Leawood Officers.

Officers determined that the suspect fled the vehicle. While looking for the suspect, an Overland Park Officer saw a male jump a fence and get into the passenger side of a car that had just pulled up in the area. The vehicle was stopped by a Leawood Officer and the passenger was detained on an outstanding felony warrant.

The Kansas City Missouri Police Officer who saw the suspect in the stolen car in their city, responded to the scene. He positively identified the man detained, as the driver of the stolen vehicle. The man was arrested and transported to the Johnson County Jail. All the details of this case will be provided to the District Attorney’s Office for charges.

This is another great example of the police departments in our area communicating and working together to solve crime.

Thank you to the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and the Leawood Police Department for their efforts in this case.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did You Know?

You have ten days to notify the Kansas Department of Revenue of any name/address change. You can take care of this online at

The owner, upon purchasing a vehicle, has thirty days, inclusive of weekends and holidays, to make application for registration.

Upon moving to Kansas, the owner of a vehicle has thirty days to obtain Kansas registration.

Kansas law requires you to come to a stop before exiting private property and entering onto a public street.

When making a left or right turn, a driver is required to turn into the closest lane.

A new Kansas law requires motorists to move over or slow down if unable to move over, for emergency vehicles on the side of the road with their emergency lights activated.

Another new law requires motorists, when involved in an accident on the highway, to move their vehicle off of the roadway as long as the vehicle is drivable and no one is injured.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Two juveniles arrested for overnight burglaries

At approximately 4:55 A.M. Officers responded to the 10400 block of Mastin regarding two juveniles, who according to a caller were acting suspiciously. While en route, Officers were advised that one of the juveniles threw a rock through the window of a business.

When Officers arrived, a short foot pursuit took place before the two were taken into custody. Through further investigation it was discovered that there were two businesses broken into in the area. This case will be sent to the Juvenile Division of the District Attorney’s Office for charges.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Accident Reduction Initiative

On Tuesday, February 15, 2011, officers from the Traffic Safety Unit, TAC and Community Policing Sections teamed up to work the department's monthly Accident Reduction Initiative.

Two dozen officers participated in the initiative. Officers were assigned to work High Accident Locations and Traffic Complaint Areas. Officers concentrated their enforcement efforts along 95th St., 119th St. and 135th St. In all, officers worked twenty Traffic Complaint Areas and seven High Accident Locations.

The primary goals of the monthly enforcement initiatives are to reduce accidents and to get drivers and passengers to buckle up. Another benefit of the Accident Reduction Initiative is the prevention crime by saturating areas with police officers.

Officers issued citations for the following violations:

81 - Red Light
68 - Speeding
38 - Illegal Turns
113 - Seat Belts (18+)
07 - Seat Belts (Under 18)
95 - Insurance
08 - Lane Change
08 - Suspended License
28 - Driver's License Violations
24 - Tag Violations
17 - other

334 - Total Vehicles Stopped
487 - Total Citations

Officers also made 11 arrests.

The next Accident Reduction Initiative is scheduled for March 15, 2011.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yesterday, 2/15/11, a Federal Judge sentenced Patrick Porter to 20 years in prison for producing child pornography. This stems from a 2010 Overland Park case where Mr. Porter fled the State of Kansas with a teenage girl. He was arrested in California. Police found evidence of the crime in Mr. Porter’s computer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Overland Park Officers Make Numerous DUI Arrests

Over a period of six days, Overland Park Officers made 27 DUI arrests. These arrests occurred from February 7, 2011 to February 13, 2011. This past weekend, February 11, 2011 to February 13, 2011, accounted for 13 of the 27 arrests. Please do not drink and drive. Designate a driver and keep the streets safe!

Friday, February 11, 2011

First Fatality Accident of 2011

Overland Park's first fatality accident of 2011 occurred overnight. At 1:56 am, Overland Park Officers responded to a one-car accident on southbound US 69 Highway between College Blvd. and 119th St. Officers determined a 2003 Volkswagen GTI had been traveling southbound on US 69 when it veered off of the roadway, traveled across the right shoulder, and struck a pole.

The driver, a 27 year-old man, was transported to a local hospital, where he died from his injuries. The driver was not wearing his seat belt.

In 2010, Overland Park Police Department investigated seven fatality accidents.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

OPPD to Conduct DUI Saturation Patrol

On February 11, 2011, from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am, Overland Park Traffic Safety Officers will be out in force with the objective of arresting impaired drivers.

Last year, Overland Park Officers investigated 180 alcohol-related accidents. Drivers who appear to be impaired will be stopped and asked to perform a series of field sobriety tests. Drivers who fail the tests will be arrested and their vehicles towed.

In 2010, 950 impaired drivers were arrested by the Overland Park Police Department.

If you observe an impaired driver, you are encouraged to call 911.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hit and Run Accident with Overland Park Police Car

On 2/08/2011 at approximately 5:45 P.M., an Overland Park Officer stopped in his car on the shoulder of east bound I-435 HWY and Metcalf Avenue was struck from behind by a passing car. The driver of the striking car did not stop for the accident. The Officer was not injured, and was able to immediately broadcast over the radio the suspect vehicle description.

A short time later a Leawood Police Officer located and stopped the suspect vehicle. The driver of the striking car was identified as a 19 year old man from Prairie Village. Olathe Police responded to investigate the accident.

This is the second incident in 2 days where an Overland Park Police car has been struck while stopped along a highway. We have had 3 cars struck in the last 19 days. Luckily only minor injuries have been reported in these events.

Please slow down and move over for stopped emergency vehicles!

Thank you to the Leawood Police Department and the Olathe Police Department for their assistance in this case.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Detectives Attempt to Identify Burglary Suspect

Officers were called to the 12300 block of Metcalf on February 5, 2011. It was reported that at approximately 3:45 P.M., a white male using a pry tool attempted to force entry into the pharmacy area of the hospital.

The suspect is described as being in his late 20`s or early 30`s, about 5`10" in height, with brown hair and glasses. The suspect was wearing a tan hat, a dark colored sweatshirt, and blue jeans.

The suspect vehicle is described as a small, dark gray, SUV, with an unknown Kansas tag.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the TIPS HOTLINE and 816-474-TIPS.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Minors Arrested for Alcohol Violations

Over the past weekend, police responded to the 8900 block of West 93rd terrace on the complaint of a large party. The call was receive just after midnight on February 6, 2011. As Officers investigated, they discovered that those present at the party were under 21 years of age, and there were obvious signs of alcohol consumption. At the conclusion of the investigation, 10 arrests were made for alcohol violations.

Friday, February 4, 2011

OPPD Investigates an Attempted Robbery

On February 3, 2011 Officers responded to an Attempted Robbery in the 9000 block of Metcalf Avenue. The victim was shopping inside the grocery store when her attention was drawn to a person who was standing very close to her cart. The suspect took hold of the strap of the victim’s purse and told the victim she would shoot her if she did not let her have the purse.

The victim resisted and physically pulled the purse out of the hands of the suspect. The suspect then fled the store to an unknown type car. The victim said she saw a black object on the suspect’s person that she believed was the bottom of a handgun.

The suspect was described as a black female roughly 5`04`` to 5`06`` tall and approximately 135-140 pounds. The suspect wore a black fluffy coat, black pants, and black boots. The victim said the suspect was basically covered from head to toe with clothes. The suspect wore a black hat or hood, large sunglasses, and black gloves. The victim said she could see a small amount of the suspect`s face around the glasses and between the head coverings.

Anyone one with information about this crime is asked to call the TIPS HOTLINE and 816-474-TIPS.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School Resource Officers Used To Supplement The Patrol Division

The Police Department has added additional police resources to the Patrol Division. With no school in session, the School Resources Officers have been assigned to the Patrol Division to assist with answering calls for service during this winter weather event.

The City’s focus today will be on plowing residential streets. Progress is slow so we are asking citizens to be patient. Snow crews are not expected to reach all residential streets until late this evening at the earliest.

Main arterial roadways have been plowed, but citizens should anticipate an ongoing city wide clean up for the next few days.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Overland Park, KS – Careful coordination among various departments including police, fire and public works has been done to ensure the quickest response for emergency vehicles.

“Various departments have worked together, and snow plow drivers will be diverted from their snow routes to plow ahead of police, fire and ambulance emergency vehicles when necessary,” said Public Works Director Doug Brown.

Fire Chief Bryan Dehner said the types of calls received during snow season are slips and falls from people picking up a morning newspaper or taking out trash. Another frequent call relates to chest pains because people are shoveling a driveway.

“We are asking people to take extreme precaution during this severe storm. The predicted snowfall amount in excess of 10 inches will require more physical exertion and may be dangerous,” Dehner warned.“We all need to be good neighbors right now and check on those who we know may need assistance. Programs like Meals on Wheels and home oxygen delivery may not be able to get through,” Dehner said.

Police Chief John Douglass is asking citizens who have no urgent need to go out, to simply stay home during this weather event.

Overland Park is making contingency plans for employees who live a considerable distance from work. Some snow plow operators live about 60 miles away and may not be able to return to work if they go home.

“This storm is a considerable challenge. First, the amount of snow and its rapid and heavy rate of snowfall will require plows to keep returning to previously plowed thoroughfares to keep them passable,” Brown said.

“Tonight the area is likely to experience blizzard-like conditions with 45 mph wind gusts. This will create blowing and drifting snow, which will be blown back on to streets.

“With extreme cold conditions and re-plowing of streets, Overland Park is not putting down material except on hills such as Antioch, north of College Boulevard. Further, melting material becomes essentially ineffective at very cold temperatures,” Brown said.

It may be as late as Wednesday afternoon before crews move into residential areas due to the volume of snow and strong overnight winds.
Operators will continue to plow thoroughfares and collectors until the snow subsides, which is expected late tonight.

To monitor Overland Park’s progress with the storm, visit the city’s newly launched online Winter Storm Operations Map. Accompanying the map are links to online traffic signal cameras that provide real-time shots of streets. There are over 100 cameras online.

If you have concerns about an area not being plowed, use Overland Park Cares on the city’s Web site to register it online.
Governor Sam Brownback Monday night declared a state of emergency for Johnson County.

Contact: Doug Brown, director of Public Works, 913-895-6034
Fire Chief Bryan Dehner, 913-888-6066.
Police Chief John Douglass, 913-327-6635
Police PIO Matt Bregel, 913-327-6937
Fire PIO Jason Rhodes, 816-718-8515 (cell)
Sean Reilly, communications manager, 913-484-4245 (cell)