Thursday, February 24, 2011

21 Year Old Man Shows His Honesty

On 02/20/11, police were called to the residence of a 21 year old Overland Park man. The man told police that he had just returned home after going through a drive-thru restaurant in the 7100 Block of 119th Street. He told the Officer that after receiving his drive-thru order, he drove home without looking inside the bag. When he arrived home he noticed there was no food inside the bag, instead there was a bank deposit bag containing an unknown amount of cash.

As the Officer and the man were leaving his residence to go back to the restaurant, they were notified by dispatch that a restaurant employee called and advised they mistakenly gave their bank deposit to a customer.

The restaurant employees advised that the deposit was placed into a bag by one employee and accidently picked up by another employee and passed out through the drive-thru window. The money was all accounted for and returned to the restaurant.

Thank you to this 21 year old man for showing us this great example of honesty and doing the right thing.