Monday, February 28, 2011

Healthy Relationships

A short time ago a School Resource Officer was contacted by students who expressed their concern regarding a possible relationship between their 8th grade classmate and a high school senior.

The School Resource Officer took these concerns to the school counselor, who notified the 8th grade girl’s parents. Following another short passage of time, the School Resource Officer learned the relationship was still ongoing. The parents of the girl were again contacted and they expressed their appreciation to the School Resource Officer for reporting these concerns.

Following a demonstration of social networking sites, these parents are now better able to monitor their daughter’s activities on the internet. They learned that what they previously observed on the sites was just a portion of their child’s activity.

Both sets of parents were in agreement that this relationship was not a good situation for either child, and they have succeeded in stopping all contact between the two.

Good relationships between students, parents, administrators, and officers contribute to a positive educational experience in our schools.