Monday, April 18, 2011

Valuables Left in Vehicles Invite Crime

On April 17th at approximately 2355 hours Officers responded to the 8600 block of 135th Street on an auto burglary. The victim returned to his parked vehicle and found his window broken and his wife’s purse was gone.

The victim told police that prior to leaving his vehicle he placed his wife`s purse on the rear passenger side floorboard. He recalled a subject in the area that he believed watched him move the purse from the front to the rear of the vehicle.

The Police Department would like to remind everyone that leaving valuables inside vehicles is inviting crime. If you have valuables in your car, please conceal them prior to parking and leaving your car. If you are able, conceal valuables prior to your destination. When people observe you moving items to conceal them, it is almost the same as leaving them in plain sight.