Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If it seems too good to be true it probably is..

On May 19th, 2011 an Overland Park resident completed a police report regarding a potential check scam.

The resident had answered an online ad for employment acting as a “Secret Santa.” The scammer mailed the resident two business checks in their name. The resident was asked to cash these business checks at their bank and use a portion of the funds to purchase grocery items at a local store. The scammer requested the resident to “wire” the remaining funds via Western Union to an out of state location.

The resident was alerted to this scam when their bank denied the cashing of the checks and suggested a police report be completed. If the checks had been accepted and cashed, the resident most likely would have been responsible for the funds once it was determined the checks were fake.

Similar types of scams have been reported to the police and all have several common denominators. An unsolicited envelope in the mail, phone call, or email requesting you to receive money in the form of a check or money order and asking you to “wire” a portion of these funds by Western Union is most likely a scam.

If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Storm Sirens are an Outdoor Warning System

Johnson County’s outdoor warning system consists of 184 sirens placed strategically throughout the county as an early warning device to alert citizens of potential danger. While the outdoor warning system is an effective method of notifying those outdoors, it is only one component of a comprehensive emergency warning system including the use of NOAA Weather radios, the Emergency Alert System, and emergency notifications from local media.

Sirens are designed as an outdoor warning system, and should not be relied upon to provide sufficient warning indoors or in noisy areas. Air-conditioning, thunder, wind, rain, and other conditions may cause the sirens not to be heard indoors or outdoors (even if sirens can be heard during tests). Sirens are also subject to lightning strikes and other equipment malfunction. Furthermore, sirens provide no information on the type of threat or exact location of potential danger. For this reason, if you hear the sirens, you should seek shelter immediately.

Individuals, families, and businesses are strongly encouraged to use NOAA weather radios to receive warnings and emergency information. Through Project Community Alert, an initiative of the Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee, these radios are being sold at $29.95, a considerable savings over the regular price, at metro area Price Chopper stores.

For more information go to http://www.jocoem.org/CP/outdoor.shtml

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Open Garage Door Burglaries

The police department continues to take burglary reports where the main cause is garage doors being left open. Three of these types of reports were taken over this last weekend. Most occur over night, but we also see some day time occurrences.

If you are not physically in your garage make sure you close the door, even if you are only going into your home for a few minutes or are working in the back yard. Get into to the habit of making sure your home is secure before going to bed every night. Most of these types of crimes can be prevented if we eliminate the opportunity.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Overland Park Man Pulls a Woman to Safety

On May 21, Overland Park officers responded to the 7700 block of Metcalf Ave to investigate an injury accident in a parking lot. The accident occurred when a driver lost control of their vehicle, struck another vehicle, and then struck a gas pump. The gas pump was knocked off the island pedestal and struck another vehicle. A fireball resulted, and two other vehicles were damaged by heat and smoke.

An Overland Park man, who witnessed the accident, ran to the area where the dislodged pump was lying and saw a woman trying to crawl out from between a vehicle and the gas pump. He said he believed the pump was going to blow up and the woman would be burned. He disregarded his own safety, ran to her, and pulled her away from the fire to a safe area.

Thank you for your lifesaving efforts.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Police Resources Deployed to Reading, Kansas

The Overland Park Police Department has deployed four Officers to Reading, KS to assist in the aftermath of the tornado. Overland Park Officers will be working with the local law enforcement entities and other law enforcement officers that have been deployed to the area. At this time the City of Overland Park has not received any request for assistance from Joplin, MO. Outside of the currently deployed officers, no additional requests have been received from Reading, KS.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Memorial Day “Click It or Ticket” Campaign

The Overland Park, Kansas Police Department will be conducting a Memorial Day “Click It or Ticket” S.T.E.P. Campaign from May 23rd, 2011 through June 5th, 2011. This task is being conducted with the principle focus on Child Seat Restraints and Seat belt enforcement. Officers will aggressively enforce Kansas occupant restraint and other traffic laws as part of the 2011 Kansas Click It or Ticket traffic enforcement Campaign. This activity is supported by a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

Expect strict enforcement of the Safety Belt Use and Child Passenger Safety Acts. Briefly, these acts require that all persons in a motor vehicle manufactured or assembled after January 1, 1968 or assembled prior to 1968 which was manufactured with safety belts carrying 10 passengers or fewer, including vans, must be buckled in. In the event that a passenger under the age of 14 is unrestrained the driver will be cited. Where a driver or passenger, aged 14 through 17, is seen to be unrestrained, that person will be cited. Children under the age of four must be secured in an approved child safety seat; children ages four through seven who are under 80 pounds and under 4’9” tall must be securely belted into an approved booster seat; and children ages eight through 13 must be secured in a safety belt. Officers working this campaign will also be strictly enforcing speeding and DUI violations.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Police Arrest an Overland Park Man for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior

On May 18, 2011 at approximately 11:40 p.m., Officers were called to investigate a lewd act. The caller reported that an unknown black male was standing outside with no clothes on exposing himself. The caller stated that as he was standing there exposed, he attempted to communicate with her.

When Officers arrived, they searched the area on foot. One Officer observed the man exit an apartment, expose himself, and re-enter the apartment. Officers knocked on the door and attempted to contact the man, but he refused to open the door. Officers then obtained a search warrant and entered the apartment. The man was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Johnson County Jail to await charges from the District Attorney’s Office.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Officer Performs CPR and Utilized an AED to Save a Life

On May 17, 2011 around 10:33 p.m., Officers responded to a medical call, where a person fell and was having difficulty breathing.

The first Officer arrived before medical personnel and she learned the person had stopped breathing. Others had already utilized an automated external defibrillator (AED) in an attempt to revive the person. The Officer began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and re-connected the AED. She delivered a shock to the person who began breathing again.

The Officer continued to assess the person until medical personnel arrived and took over. The person was eventually transported to an area hospital.

Medical personnel on the scene commented that the Officer did an excellent job and most likely saved this person’s life. Without the Officer’s quick action and decision making, it is likely this person may have suffered further injury or possible death.

Good work Officer Otero!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Items Staged for Later Theft

On May 17th at approximately 3:30 a.m., Officers were dispatched to the area of 72nd and Lamar Ave. regarding suspicious activity. The caller reported seeing a man on a red BMX type bike looking inside vehicles that were parked along the roadway. The caller described the man as wearing a gray sweatshirt with black pants and was last seen northbound on Lamar Ave.

Officers checked the area for the subject but did not locate him. As Officers looked around the area, they began to find items that appeared to have been staged to be picked up later. Officers found a tool box sitting in the roadway, and noticed two other tool boxes in the bed of a pickup. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and confirmed that the items had been moved, but nothing was missing.

Officers continued checking the area and noticed several power tools next to a trash bag by the roadway. The home owner was contacted, and he confirmed the tools were his and were inside his garage when he went to bed. There was no sign of forced entry to the garage.

Thank you to the caller who reported the suspicious activity. Alerting police most likely kept these two residents from losing these items. Officers filed a report on an Aggravated Burglary and Theft.

This is a good reminder to keep homes, garages, and vehicles locked. Do not leave items of value in the beds of pickup trucks. Anyone with information regarding the person riding the red BMX bike is asked to call the TIPS HOTLINE at 816-474-TIPS.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Car Stop Leads to Six MIP Arrests and One Arrest for Hosting

On 5/14/11, Officers stopped a car for a traffic infraction in the area of I-35 and 75th Street. When Officers contacted the occupants, the odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected. Further investigation led to five arrests for Minor in Possession of Alcohol and information about a graduation party where minors were being allowed to drink alcohol.

Officers responded to 13100 block of England to follow up on the information regarding the party. Upon arrival, Officers found the information to be credible. After an investigation at the location, an additional MIP arrest was made as well as an arrest for hosting.

This is an example of great police work and a reminder for all those who are about to have graduation parties; do not allow underage people to consume alcohol at your home.

One of the MIP arrests will be charged through the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. The remaining MIP’s and the Hosting case will be charged through city court.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Police Work and Cooperation Leads to Clearing Numerous Cases

OPPD Detectives have been working with Detectives from Lenexa and Olathe on a number of cases involving damage to residences. In Overland Park they have mostly been in the south end of the city.

On the morning of May 5, 2011, an Overland Park Officer responded to take a report on one of these incidents. This was the third time a large rock or brick had been thrown through the front windows of the residence.

While the Officer was arriving to take the report, he noticed a person in a vehicle in the area. The Officer made contact with the driver and identified him. After contacting the individual, the Officer continued to the residence and contacted the calling party. The calling party had been victimized several times recently and because of this, he installed a video surveillance system.

The Officer viewed the video and believed the person he just contacted and identified was possibly the suspect. The Officer notified the investigations division of this lead and a Detective contacted the suspect. Through follow up, probable cause was developed and an arrest was made.

The suspect has been charged through District Court with 36 counts, to include 2 counts of stalking. Overland Park Police were able to clear 10 cases. Olathe and Lenexa have also been able to clear multiple cases.

The suspect had a tendency to return to the same residences, causing fear and anxiety for the victims. Do to this, stalking charges were filed. Even though the suspect returned to some of the same victims, there is no known relationship between the suspect and victims.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Results of May 6, 2011 DUI Check Lane

On May 6,the Overland Park Police Department conducted a DUI Check Lane for motorists traveling in the eastbound lanes of the 9800 block of W. 87th St. Between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am, 513 vehicles entered the check lane. All drivers were briefly interviewed by an officer and provided with a brochure on Drinking and Driving. Of the 513 drivers entering the check lane, 29 drivers were given Field Sobriety testing.

Here are the results:

513 - Vehicles entered the Check Lane
29 - Drivers tested for DUI
6 - Drivers arrested for DUI
3 - Drug arrest
5 - Transporting Open Container (Alcohol)
2 - Other traffic violations
2 - Other arrests

The Overland Park Police Department will conduct its next DUI Check Lane on Friday, June 25, 2011.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Overland Park Police Launch New Mounted Search & Rescue Unit

The Overland Park Police Department is proud to announce that the Overland Park Mounted Search and Rescue (OPMSAR) Unit has completed their spring equitation testing and is now available for field operations.

The OPMSAR Unit was created to respond to emergency needs in parts of the City, such as parks and rural areas, where streets or trails are not available. As the "green space" in Overland Park was reviewed, it was clear that the search of these areas would be difficult on foot and impossible by vehicle. A mounted search and rescue team surfaced as a reasonable solution to the need for emergency services in those areas.

The OPMSAR Unit will be made available to outside jurisdictions to support any law enforcement search and rescue needs across the metro. The OPMSAR Unit volunteer members will primarily focus on search and rescue techniques for lost people. They are also undergoing training to be able to conduct evidence searches.

The OPMSAR will be conducting a lost person search scenario at the Kemper Farm located at 10001 W. 179th Street (just west of the Arboretum) on Wednesday, May 11th from 3pm-5pm. Members of the media are welcome to attend this training. For more information on the May 11th event, please contact PIO Matt Bregel at 913-327-6937.

Friday, May 6, 2011

DUI Check Lane - Friday, May 6, 2011

On Friday, May 6, 2011, from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am, the Overland Park Police Department will conduct its first DUI Check Lane of the year. All drivers entering the Check Lane will be briefly interviewed by an officer. Drivers who appear to be impaired by alcohol and/or drugs will be asked to perform a series of field sobriety tests and take a Preliminary Breath Test.

Drivers who fail these tests may be asked to submit to further testing of breath, blood or urine. If the driver's Blood Alcohol Concentration is .08 or higher, they may be charged with Driving Under the Influence. In a typical Check Lane, officers contact approximately 600 drivers. Additional Check Lanes are planned over the next several months.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Animal Stolen from Deanna Rose Farmstead

On April 29th, the staff from the Deanna Rose Children`s Farmstead reported that one of the goats was missing, and they believe it has been stolen. The theft occurred after the farmstead closed on April 25th and before it opened on April 26th.

The missing goat is a tan, female, La Mancha goat. Her name is Latte, and she is approximately 55 lbs. She has very small ears and a white patch of hair behind her front right leg. This little goat is very friendly and a favorite of visitors.

Anyone with information regarding this animal is asked to contact the Overland Park Police Department or the TIPS HOTLINE and 816-474-TIPS.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aggressive Motorcyclist Campaign

This month, several area police departments, including the Overland Park Police Department, will participate in an enforcement campaign focusing on aggressive motorcyclists. The campaign will allow for additional officers on both sides of the state line to take enforcement action on motorcyclists who operate their motorcycles in an unsafe manner. With the arrival of warmer temperatures, there is a significant increase in the number of motorcycles on our streets and highways. Unfortunately, the increase in motorcycles results in an increase in motorcycle-related accidents.

In addition to enforcement, the campaign includes an educational component. In Overland Park, School Resource Officers at the high school level will meet one-on-one with student motorcyclists to discuss motorcycle safety. Additionally, Police Motorcycle Officers from the department's Traffic Safety Unit will meet with motorcycle enthusiasts at various locations throughout the city to stress the importance of motorcycle safety.

Last year, two motorcyclists died and several more were injured in motorcycle-related accidents in Overland Park. Through a combination of enforcement and education, it is our goal to reduce the number and severity of motorcycle-related accidents.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Results of the Drug Take-Back Day

On Saturday April 30, the Overland Park Police Department, in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), participated in the second annual Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

This initiative was an opportunity for everyone to safely empty out their medicine cabinets of prescription drugs no longer needed or expired. More than 5300 sites nationwide participated in the event.

In Overland Park, a total of 222 pounds of pharmaceutical medications were collected at two sites. The Prescription Drug Take-Back Day was a huge success. It educated the public on the dangers of unused and expired medications and helped to prevent children and teens from gaining access to dangerous drugs.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Projectile Shot at Motorcycle Driver

On 5/1/11 at approximately 4:30 p.m., police responded to the area of 147th and Eby to investigate a disturbance. When Officers arrived, they contacted the victim. The victim reported that he was eastbound on 147th Street when a teenager jumped out from behind a tree and shot some type of black projectile that nearly hit his motorcycle.

The victim said he stopped his motorcycle and chased the suspect on foot to the front passenger side of small white SUV that was driven by another person. The suspect was described as a white male about 17 years of age with a husky build wearing a blue shirt. The report on this incident has been classified as an Aggravated Assault.

No injuries were reported, and there is no additional information on the suspect vehicle.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the TIPS HOTLINE and 816-474-TIPS.