Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aggressive Motorcyclist Campaign

This month, several area police departments, including the Overland Park Police Department, will participate in an enforcement campaign focusing on aggressive motorcyclists. The campaign will allow for additional officers on both sides of the state line to take enforcement action on motorcyclists who operate their motorcycles in an unsafe manner. With the arrival of warmer temperatures, there is a significant increase in the number of motorcycles on our streets and highways. Unfortunately, the increase in motorcycles results in an increase in motorcycle-related accidents.

In addition to enforcement, the campaign includes an educational component. In Overland Park, School Resource Officers at the high school level will meet one-on-one with student motorcyclists to discuss motorcycle safety. Additionally, Police Motorcycle Officers from the department's Traffic Safety Unit will meet with motorcycle enthusiasts at various locations throughout the city to stress the importance of motorcycle safety.

Last year, two motorcyclists died and several more were injured in motorcycle-related accidents in Overland Park. Through a combination of enforcement and education, it is our goal to reduce the number and severity of motorcycle-related accidents.