Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Police Work and Cooperation Leads to Clearing Numerous Cases

OPPD Detectives have been working with Detectives from Lenexa and Olathe on a number of cases involving damage to residences. In Overland Park they have mostly been in the south end of the city.

On the morning of May 5, 2011, an Overland Park Officer responded to take a report on one of these incidents. This was the third time a large rock or brick had been thrown through the front windows of the residence.

While the Officer was arriving to take the report, he noticed a person in a vehicle in the area. The Officer made contact with the driver and identified him. After contacting the individual, the Officer continued to the residence and contacted the calling party. The calling party had been victimized several times recently and because of this, he installed a video surveillance system.

The Officer viewed the video and believed the person he just contacted and identified was possibly the suspect. The Officer notified the investigations division of this lead and a Detective contacted the suspect. Through follow up, probable cause was developed and an arrest was made.

The suspect has been charged through District Court with 36 counts, to include 2 counts of stalking. Overland Park Police were able to clear 10 cases. Olathe and Lenexa have also been able to clear multiple cases.

The suspect had a tendency to return to the same residences, causing fear and anxiety for the victims. Do to this, stalking charges were filed. Even though the suspect returned to some of the same victims, there is no known relationship between the suspect and victims.