Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Overland Park Man Pulls a Woman to Safety

On May 21, Overland Park officers responded to the 7700 block of Metcalf Ave to investigate an injury accident in a parking lot. The accident occurred when a driver lost control of their vehicle, struck another vehicle, and then struck a gas pump. The gas pump was knocked off the island pedestal and struck another vehicle. A fireball resulted, and two other vehicles were damaged by heat and smoke.

An Overland Park man, who witnessed the accident, ran to the area where the dislodged pump was lying and saw a woman trying to crawl out from between a vehicle and the gas pump. He said he believed the pump was going to blow up and the woman would be burned. He disregarded his own safety, ran to her, and pulled her away from the fire to a safe area.

Thank you for your lifesaving efforts.