Monday, June 20, 2011

Battery Thieves Charged

On June 13, 2011 an Overland Park Police Officer and his trainee were patrolling businesses in the area of 117th and Metcalf. Little did they know they were about to put an end to a long series of crimes.

The officers spotted a man with a large set of bolt cutters forcing his way into a “battery cage,” a locked storage facility that houses used batteries. When the man realized he was being observed, he ran to a nearby vehicle. The officers contacted the man and another occupant of the car. The bolt cutters had been placed on the rear floorboard of the vehicle and were recovered as evidence. Officers also documented damage to the lock on the cage. Both occupants were arrested and placed into the Johnson County Jail.

Since this arrest, the Overland Park Investigations Division has been able to link this case to other Overland Park cases. This information will be shared with neighboring jurisdictions. It is anticipated that nine cases will be cleared dating back to August of 2010.