Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Convertibles Can Be Open Air Markets for Thieves

When you’re cruising around town in your shiny convertible with your sunglasses on and the breeze blowing through your hair, most people will pass you and wish they were in a convertible. Others will see an open top as a potential target.

On June 27, a woman was dining at an Overland Park restaurant when she witnessed a man snatch her gym bag from her open top convertible. The suspect, a black male in his late twenties with a “corn rows” hair style, then entered an older, light yellow vehicle with a Kansas tag occupied by another black male. They left the parking lot and headed east on 95th Street.

Although this happened when the convertible was left with the top down, the same crime could just as easily have happened to any unsecured vehicle where items of value were left in plain sight. Any valuables left in plain sight are tempting and readily accessible to thieves. A purse or laptop setting on a car seat can be gone in seconds.

Keep your belongings safe, secure your car and place valuables in the trunk and out of plain view.