Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Is Your Name? Where Do You Live? Who Is Your Emergency Contact?

Recently, Overland Park Police Officers responded on a medical call and found themselves trying to identify an unconscious, elderly resident near a city street. Unfortunately, no identification was found on the person, making it difficult for officers to locate an emergency contact or determine where the person lived. Only after a prolonged delay were officers able to learn the person’s name and locate a relative.

Before leaving on your walk, bicycle ride, or other outdoor activity, please consider carrying at least one piece of identification - a driver’s license, ID card, etc. For the elderly or those with special needs, a medical ID bracelet or ID necklace containing name, address, a current phone number, medical information, and emergency contact(s) are extremely helpful. Also, consider entering “In Case of Emergency (ICE)” information in a cell phone, if available.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer.