Monday, August 29, 2011

Bar Room Bravado Can Get You Arrested

In the old West, six shooters and whiskey went together like stagecoaches and horses. But then, men were carried out of saloons in pine boxes on a regular basis, too.

Today, it’s hard to imagine a more dangerous combination than alcohol and firearms.

We recently had an incident in Overland Park where this was the case. Officers were called to a local establishment to investigate a man who was brandishing a handgun.

Officers contacted the man and found that he did have a concealed gun in his possession and no concealed carry permit. After an investigation, it is believed the man may have committed an aggravated assault.

The man with the gun was arrested and his weapon was taken as evidence. He was not charged with aggravated assault because the victim left the scene before officers arrived. Instead, he was charged with criminal use of a weapon. After processing, the man was released with a notice to appear in city court.

The criminal use of weapons ordinance can be viewed by entering (Criminal use of Weapon) in the search function at the following link.

Overland Park Ordinances