Friday, August 12, 2011

Detective Pierce receives 2011 Chase Bank Award

Recently the Kansas City Identity Theft & Economic Crimes Task Force (KCITEC) was recognized as a co-recipient of the 2011 Chase Bank IAFCI (International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators) Task Force of the Year Award.

The recognition came as a result of their investigation of a complex nationwide operation in which persons would compromise credit card numbers from various sources worldwide and would then use these credit card numbers to broker millions of dollars in airline tickets to numerous individuals nationwide.

This investigation, dubbed the “Shopstyle” investigation, originated from information Detective Pierce obtained during the arrest of two shoplifters at Oak Park Mall in 2005. This information initiated an investigation that was five years in length and resulted in the federal indictment of 38 people from across the United States.

Overland Park Police Financial Crimes Detective Byron Pierce was involved in the original arrests at Oak Park Mall and was a co-leader of the “Shopstyle” investigation. This is the second prestigious award Detective Pierce has received for his efforts in this case.