Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grabbing a Cold One Can Get You into Hot Water

I frequently urge Overland Park residents to keep their garage doors closed to prevent thefts. Today, I would like to discuss another side to this crime.

Recently two juveniles were arrested for entering a garage and stealing alcohol. At first you might think this is a simple misdemeanor, but it’s much more serious than that.

Entering someone’s residence, even the garage, with the intent to steal is a burglary, and a burglary is a felony. In this case, the resident was home at the time which increased the charge to an aggravated burglary, a more serious felony.

Suddenly, what may seem to some like a “kids will be kids” event escalates into a life-altering crime. An aggravated burglary conviction can negatively affect a child’s chances of being accepted into college and landing a good job. Youthful dreams and aspirations can quickly be diminished.

If you are a teen, I hope this information has made you aware of the consequences of this activity. If you are a parent, please make sure your children understand the gravity of this crime. Their future depends on it.

*Photo is not related to this case.