Friday, September 30, 2011

Judy Puckett Retires From the Department Today

Judy Puckett has been a dedicated employee of the Police Department since February of 1992. Prior to that, she was a bookkeeper for the City of Harrisonville, and a Loan Officer/Secretary for a federal agency that specialized in loans for farmers.

Judy has served in the Records Unit her entire career. She has performed so many different duties that it would be impossible to name them all. Most recently she has been responsible for the computer entry and removal of lost and stolen items, which requires meticulous follow up and tracking on each item. For a number of years as our Citizen Call-In Unit, she took police reports from citizens over the telephone.

Judy has a daughter, two grandsons, and her beloved dog Angel. She plans to spend her retirement painting, crocheting, and focusing on family.

Judy, thank you for nineteen years of commitment, loyalty, and dedication to the Overland Park Police Department and the citizens we serve. Your friends and coworkers wish you the very best.