Thursday, September 29, 2011

Overland Park Detectives Recognized for Volunteerism

The Sunflower House, a non-profit children’s advocacy center that assists many law enforcement agencies with interviewing children involved in abuse cases, needed some help recently. The grounds crew that had been caring for the landscaping at Sunflower House was no longer able to do so and, as I am sure we all know, it doesn’t take long for things to become overgrown.

Detective Fizer and Detective Keating were recognized at the September 22nd Sunflower House luncheon for their efforts to help. In addition to Detective Fizer and Detective Keating, Detective Wedel, Detective Zickel and District Attorney’s Office Prosecutor Rasmussen gathered together and cleaned up the grounds.

All those involved in this effort, have not only dedicated their professional lives to helping others, but, when the need arose, generously gave of their personal time, as well. Great work by all.

For further information on the Sunflower House, check out their website.

Sunflower House