Friday, September 2, 2011

Second Time’s the Charm

Have you ever been fishing and had a nice fish up to the dock and just as you’re preparing to land it --snap-- it breaks free and is gone? Well, sometimes that happens in police work too. The other evening officers responded to a call of a man breaking into coin-operated machines to steal the money.

A witness told officers where the suspect was last seen. An officer located the suspect and ordered him to stop. As the officer approached the suspect, he ran and jumped a fence. The officer chased the suspect, but lost sight of him. The officer continued to search the area until a citizen called to report a man looking into houses nearby.

The officer returned to his car and responded to that area. As he arrived, he saw the male jump a fence, run behind his patrol car, and jump another fence. The officer exited his car, jumped the fence, and resumed the chase.

The officer continuously told the man to stop, but he refused. Finally, the officer was able to grab the suspect’s shirt and pull him to the ground. He was taken into custody without further incident. The man was arrested and turned over to the Johnson County Jail to await his first appearance on a burglary charge.

Just like when fishing, sometimes you hook them the second time around.