Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Secure Your Garage Door or Lose Your Car

It would be quite a shock to open the door leading from your home to your garage to find your garage door standing open and your car missing. That is just what happened to two Overland Park residents. Over the past two weekends, Overland Park Officers have taken two reports on incidents where cars were stolen from garages.

The aggravated burglaries occurred during the overnight hours between September 3rd and September 4th, and between September 10th and September 11th. Both cars were unlocked with the keys inside, the garage doors most likely were left open all night and the crimes happened in the same neighborhood. The two incidents occurred between Grant Street and Nieman Street on 122nd Street and 123rd Terrace.

These thefts appear to be crimes of opportunity. Neither car has been recovered at this time. The first vehicle is a Gray Buick Rendezvous with Kansas plate 117BFI. The second is a black Mazda Miata with Kansas plate 535AVT.

To protect yourself, ensure your home is secure before going to bed. Instruct older children, who may stay up later than you, to double check the overhead doors before turning in. Stress to your children the importance of not giving out garage door codes to their friends, if you have an outdoor access panel.