Monday, October 24, 2011

Drive Carefully Around Accident Scenes

Several years ago the State of Kansas passed a law requiring vehicles to slow and/or move over a lane when approaching and passing a stopped emergency vehicle with emergency lights activated. This was done in an effort to keep emergency personnel safe when they are in dangerous traffic conditions associated with their duties. It is a good reminder for everyone to take extra driving precautions while navigating around events where emergency first responders are present.

On 10/21/2011, first responders were on the scene of a traffic accident in the area of 91st street and Metcalf. A motorist trying to get around the event ended up side-swiping a parked ambulance on the scene. The motorist was attempting to make a left turn around the event when his driver’s side mirror struck the ambulance. Luckily, there were no emergency personnel on that side of the ambulance.

When navigating around an accident scene, if you have any concerns about striking an emergency vehicle as you are trying to get around it, you are passing too closely. Please drive slowly and watch for people outside of vehicles.