Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Warming up the Car

With the colder weather upon us, people are tempted to start their car and allow it to warm up unattended. It’s nice to get into a warm car when it is cold outside; that is if it is still there upon your return.

There have been 52 vehicles stolen in Overland Park as they were warming up (since January 1, 2010). Here is some interesting statistical information about cars stolen while warming up.

If this happens to you, it will probably take place at your home; 40 of the 52 were either at an apartment or a single family residence. These thefts most likely happen on a weekday, 44 of the 52. How about times? Our statistics show that the majority of these thefts occur between the hours of 0600 a.m. and 0900 a.m. (35 out of 52).

Is it legal? In Overland Park, it is not. There is an ordinance prohibiting unattended running vehicles not equipped with a remote start system. The fine for this violation is $90.00.

 If you park outside, what can you do? There are several remedies. If you have the ability to park inside, don’t park on the driveway or street. This will eliminate the desire to warm up your car, stay with your car as is warms, or invest in a remote start system or block heater.

 There is plenty of information on the internet regarding warming up your car. Just type “warming your car in the cold” into the search engine of your choice.