Friday, January 27, 2012

ABOVE AND BEYOND. BY DESIGN. – A Police Perspective

Last year, city leaders adopted a new slogan which promoted the city’s strength of customer service, and the personal commitment that employees deliver to the citizens of Overland Park on a daily basis.

While this is not a new concept from a police perspective, I’m constantly amazed at the things our officers do that are beyond their regular scope of duties.

Recently, I heard about an incident which exemplifies this practice of “going beyond that which is expected.” Sgt. Brian Houlihan, and Officer Brad Heater were dispatched to a call for service regarding children who were in need of care. When they arrived on scene, they quickly realized there were two boys under the age of three that had been without any type of adult supervision for an extended period of time. They also discovered each child had on heavily soiled diapers along with their dirty clothing.

The decision was made to take the children into police protective custody. Instead of making the children wait even longer to be changed by someone in Social Services, the officers took it upon themselves to find clean diapers/clothing, and did what needed to be done.

I’m proud of the work our officers do on a regular basis as they work to serve the citizens of this great city. I feel this is a testament to the quality and character of people we hire to patrol our streets.