Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Legacy of Excellence Adds New Member

On Sunday January 22nd, 2012, the Police Department promoted six members from within its ranks, and also recognized a new recipient of the Legacy of Excellence award.

The Legacy of Excellence recognizes outstanding public service, commitment to the community and strength of character. This year’s recipient, Palle Rilinger, certainly embodies all these qualities and more. Palle is the past president and CEO of the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault, better known as MOCSA.

In the past, Legacy of Excellence award winners have all been either directly connected to the police department, or to the City of Overland Park in some manner. Palle is the first inductee who didn’t have any of those direct connections. What she did in her 27 years at the helm of MOCSA was deliver unwavering support for victims of sexual support. She raised money, directed a staff and, more importantly, handcrafted an initiative which positively impacted the lives of women and men who are victims of these crimes. In doing so, she has made our community - in fact, the entire metropolitan community - a more humane and caring place. Because of her devotion and commitment to advocacy on behalf of those victimized, Palle Rilinger leaves “A Legacy of Excellence”.